Expertus, bibliography, bibliometrics

Expertus - review of application

Expertus is first and foremost a dedicated software solution to manage information about working papers and published research and in such a way is widely used in Polish libraries and information centers of universities and research institutes. However, its field of application is not limited to this domain. more info

Bibliographic database management software: citations, bibliometrics

Application to working papers and published research databases as well as citation indexes. more info

Bibliography of journals content

Application to databases of references, abstracts and full texts on the given topics; advanced search powered by thesaurus based retrieval engine more info

SPIN - the system of research information flow

The information flow system is an information retrieval system for processing and managing an institutional repository collecting data on research files of an institute. The full version for groupware support and the library version for documentation purposes. more info

Thesaurus management system

A specialized software environment for creation and updating a thesaurus. more info

CDS/ISIS databases on WWW

WWW gateway for CDS/ISIS databases - complete solution for librarians and engine for programmers. more info

CDS/ISIS database migration into SQL standard

Complete migration solution converting CDS/ISIS database into SQL standard more info

CDS/ISIS databases on CD-ROM, DVD, USB flash drives

Search engine for CDS/ISIS information retrieval on portable media. more info

Conversion software into marc-based formats

Specialized solutions for conversion of database files into marc-based format. more info

Conversions from text files into fully searchable databases

Flexible solutions for conversion of text files into fully searchable databases more info

Management and retrieval engines for big text databases

Software solutions to create, edit and manage encyclopedies and dictionaries. more info

Mobile solutions

PDA technology in libraries, business and industry. more info

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